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My work is about contemporary mythology; pulling intimate details of my own life into the stories of magic and mystery I grew up hearing from my dad.  I imagine the thin spaces of religion made anew, where earth meets eternity, and co-opt them for my own silly grievances and pleasures. 

The paintings focus on themes of girlhood, grief, and ritual.  The bathing suits and tank tops are baptismal; the pink is sentimental.  The interiors are set dressings; the exteriors are shallow.  The paintings of two figures are my best friend and I, deep in an oceanic grief and holding onto each other tight. The paintings that are of a solitary figure are very vain and very earnest.  The little moments of books on shelves, flowers around fingers, and figures in windows, are the essential storytelling, if only you can look past those in the limelight.  Pinky, pinky promise.

My work has been featured in New American Paintings Pacific Coast Issue #157 and #163.  I was featured in Michael Farris's group show 'Newly Available' in 2024 and the Field Projects Gallery online show 'Not Even Home Will Be With You Forever' in 2022.  I curated and exhibited in the RISD Museum's Gelman Gallery show entitled 'Go Thither' in 2023.



You can contact me by email via: studio (at) gwynnadille dot com

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